How do I solve coordinate geometry if preparing by self study having ml khanna and Allen module with me

I am not able to get the right approach to solve coordinate geometry problems.i jump upon the solutions therefore. ML Khanna is itself big so can't solve each and every problem

The best way to solve coordinate geometry questions is that,
First go through the notes and learn the formula.
Then solve some basic question that is directly based on formula you will get idea of question and then jump to big questions.
I will suggest follow your Allen module,if you stuck some where in question then go through your notes and book and practice a lot.
If you do this you will feel confident.

you can try a classic book coordinate geometry by s.l. loney for conceptual clarity.
in order to find a correct approach for question try some beginner level ques from that topic and then jump to advanced or moderate level ones if u get stuck try looking at solution of some questions and then solve them along with more such questions after 2-3 days.
quick tip
while reading the solutions focus on why they have followed those particular steps and try predicting what will be the next step.


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Coordinate Geometry is one of the easy scoring but takes time to master. I used Cengage, Arihant and my coaching notes and DPPs for practicing Coordinate Geometry. Here's my review on each-
Cengage - It is quite sufficient in itself. Although some extra stuff is also present but the pattern they follow is amazing. First you need to learn the theory and proofs and explanation given at the beginning of every topic. There is a follow up example. Notice the way of approach to follow while tackling that specific "type" of question. There are exercises to warm up your understandings. Don't underestimate them as sometimes they have good questions. Lastly they have their own exercise at the last. To mention, it is quite high level, higher than required. But solving them gave me a feeling of completeness and then every question seemed very easy. Start solving those questions without looking back at answers. Just leave that question if you can't solve it. After completing the exercise, try it once again the questions that you have left. I called it the second wave. After three waves, look at the answers at the back. After careful observations, you will realise your mistakes and wrong approach. Also before closing that chapter, look at the past year questions. I bet they will look very easy now. To mention, I could never solve 100% questions from the back exercise.
Arihant - It is more of a learning book to me than practicing, although you can pretty much master Coordinate Geometry just by sticking to it with dedication. To say, their content is more relevant than that given in cengage except few topics. Mostly you will have to keep on learning and turning the pages. Don't forget to practice questions given at the back of the book.
Coaching notes - I referred to them whenever I was stuck on understanding any theorem or proof. Also sometimes it had a better solution to some problem which I used to stuck for a very long time.
Just a tip - Coordinate Geometry takes some time but its worth it.

The easier problems of coordinate geometry can be solved by memorizing the formulas while difficult ones involve the application of 2-3 concepts.I suggest you to study from allen module by completing in this order point,straight line,circle and conic sections. Do not jump to the problems without completing theory and then try the previous year problems.Doing so will strengthen your concepts and then you can go for ML KHANNA.