How do I Improve my Chemistry and Mathematics Score?

Hello Everyone, I gave my January Attempt of JEE-Main and had my percentiles as below:-

I was set back by my chemistry marks. Please advise me on how to improve this for my April attempt( I am a dropper) and it would be really helpful if you review my choices of practice books.

  1. I have followed NCERT for Inorganic and practiced from Vishal Joshi.
  2. I did Chemical Principles- A Quest for Insight by P. Atkins for Physical and practiced from N Awasthi.
  3. I read Solomons and Frhyle for Organic and did MS Chouhan( to be honest, my organic concepts are substandard and I mostly read along with the solutions, I need advice here).

Also, I have very little grasp over Vector and 3-Dimensional Geometry problems and I would love some advice on how to make my concepts stronger.( I solved Cengage Vector and 3-D)

Thank You. :smile:


Great score Buddy ! , congrats.
So regarding chemistry , for inorganic this is what i did to improve -
Made handwrittten notes ( very important), it really helps to remember things for longer times.
I used pradeep chemistry books for making notes , as it had detailed explanation regarding every concept. And then i revised it on regular basis ( first thing to do in the morning ) .
And i maintained a seperate notebook for adding new facts which were missed while making notes. These new facts came as a result of solving problems from V Joshi book.

For physical, i think you are doing the right books,it will do for mains i guess ( not used them personally )

For organic -
Do all questions without seeing solutions . If struck , then see and try to grasp the mechanisms behind it and learn all standard named reactions .

For vector and 3D , i can't tell , even i was weak too at these topics, i followed arihant Vector and 3D.

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