How do I improve my BITSAT score this year?

Hello everyone, I am a dropper preparing for the 2020 exams. Last year, I scored 240 in BITSAT. How and from where should practice be done in the remaining months to maximize my marks? I've been on self-study for both the attempts and am mostly done with the theory part, as tallied with the syllabus.

See bitsat is all about solving questions fastly and accurately. Since you have done with the theory parts, you should start practicing now, because bitsat requires practice, and solve one mock test paper daily in 3 hours of time span.
You can refer to books like Ncert, hc Verma, Arihant or cengage bitsat explorer.

What are you focusing more on ? JEE or BITSAT ?
Knowing a bit of your background will help us to guide you better

Imo if you have already prepared well for jee..then the job is half-done! The rest is all about just solving a few mock tests regularly in 3 hrs time! You may solve 2 bitsat mocks per week from now on! Ofc you will have to devote some time to the English and aptitude part as well!
Is bitsat your priority...more than jee? Let us know a bit more about you !

Practice! Push towards trying to solve questions as fast as you can. If the exam is for 3 hours, try finishing it in 2.5 hours. This accounts for nervousness or any anxiety during the day of the exam.

Thats the fastest, and best way to improve. I bought the DoPrep test series, it was pretty decent. I think its the only test which has the bonus section. They reimburse the cost of the test series once u get into bits which I think is pretty cool.

I am almost completely inclined towards BITSAT. JEE-Main is my second priority and JEE-Advanced I think, is still very much out of my reach. I had a rank of around 19k in JEE-M last year, around 700 in WBJEE(state joint) and had not qualified advanced because of mathematics (my weak subject). I have joined Allen's test series for BITSAT, where I've scored 250 and 265 in the first part tests.

Thank you, everyone, for responding :smile:

It’s really great that you are very realistic with your goals and seems to be working towards it .
If BITSAT is your priority then you should solve only basic + moderate questions of books
You can follow these books as of now


  1. Dcp level 1


  1. level1 of n avasti
  2. himanshu pandey
  3. jee mains section of V joshi


  1. level 1 of coaching material

There is ample time left for BITSAT so for now you can solve these book for topic wise preparation and then towards the end you can solve mock test papers , even now at regular interval you can practise some test papers , also as you have joined ALLEN test series you will be have enough exposure to test patterns and strategies to attempt paper

Also you can practise a bit for the english section

Happy to see your marks in part tests! 260 is kind of a very good score at this point of time..with time your speed and accuracy will definitely increase! You do have many more months left for bitsat! Do well!
All the best!

1.Practise as many mock tests as you can.Major focus on improving accuracy and speed.
2.Do devise a strategy before you go for your main exam based on your performance in mock tests.

For example:1.Set an aim for min. no. of questions you will attempt based on score you are aiming for.
2.Take into account the questions solved incorrectly in mock test also while setting the goal.
3.Time you will devote to each section in order to get max score based on your prep.