How can I improve my mathematics score? I scored 99 in mathematics in class 10 but now i am very weak in mathematics


How can i improve my mathematics i scored 99 in mathematics in class 10 but now i am very weak in mathematics how can i improve my situation


See mathematics in class 10th and in class 11th are very different, now the syllabus of mathematics is more of a logic rather than proving and all. So, for grasping the concept you need to practice as much as you can. Practice is the key to success in Maths.Remember to choose the right book for practicing, for primary level you can start from Rd sharma and then try for cengage books

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See mathematics of class 10 and mathematics of 11 there is no comparison between them.So I will suggest there is no need to worry I think when we were there we also feel the same because difficulty level suddenly increased but you have to practice. There are such topics which you never heard before so start from small step like solve ncert/R.S Agarwal then move to competitive book like cengage etc.
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Hi @Raghuveer_2021
As answered by others, class 10 and 11 maths is very different as in you have very very basic concepts till 10 and you go to somewhat intermediate in class 11 syllabus.
So what exactly are you mean by weak ?
Is 11th syllabus is it difficult to understand?
Or you are getting poor marks ? Or something else?
If you have conceptual difficulty try reading NCERT book first if you still don't understand then you can try some online lectures for better understanding.
Also you need to devote a good amount of time in order to understand well.
If you could elaborate more on your weakness i will be able to help better


Sir there is no difficulty in understanding the concept i pratice from the basic level i.e. Ncert and i solve nearly 15 out of 20 questions of a exercise of ncert textbook and then i try the previous year iit questions but i am unable to do them which effects my confidence and also i felt that i can't do them sometimes i felt that i need to do a lot of solved examples


Maths in class 10 was like if someone try to mug up the way to solve question can easily score. But it is not same in class 11 or class 12 if u have chosen as here more emphasis will be on concept as mugging strategy will not apply here as syllabus is so vast. I'm not scaring anyone but yes topics are easy if basics are clear and that's it.also practice is must to know application of concept. That's it math iseasy for those who have the ability to solve rather than thinking in mind


Ok so basically you are lacking in problem solving area with respect to JEE questions.
See JEE questions are on much higher side as compared to NCERT questions so don't just directly to them since you are not able to fully solve NCERT right now so try solving questions from some reference book like RD sharma etc and along with that try JEE mains questions once you start feeling confident in topics.
Since you are self studying i would recommend you to take some packages from any of the top coaching institutes or some other pendrive course that might help you in understanding topics with respect to JEE perspective since JEE demands far more knowledge than just NCERT.(especially in maths).
Since you have just started your preparations you have a lot to learn in terms of problem solving for JEE so don't get scared by seeing tough questions of JEE advance.If you practice well there will be a time when you enjoy solving those challenging questions
All the best


This question is kind of funny because now you have witnessed the huge gap between 10th and 11th mathematics and are facing the same dilema which I believe is faced by every science student here.
I was never very good at Mathematics myself and I think its quite comendable securing 99 in your 10th. So don't be afraid or disheartened if you are facing difficulty in understanding the new concepts. It will take time for you get a grasp over new topics and within few months you will get comfortable with it. Start from the easy books like ncert and then move to higher level. So don't worry.