How are FIITJEE Review Packages?

How is the FIITJEE Mains review package ?

How is the Advanced review package ?

What are the pros and cons of both and which one can be used when

Pls tell your opinion on them ASAP .. Thanks!

@Sourav_Madanpuri @naman @arush_sharma @Chirag_Hegde @Azimuddin_Sheikh
And all others who know abt it

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It is based on the aits series

Yeah ik they are divided into 3 parts based on the aits portions

But i am asking about the content relevance + quality and when should it be done ?

@Viraam_Rao Any idea bro?

My few friends have solved it .they have told me that they are very good .if u have done the theory part (revision) then the questions given are very good which completes the revision (thinking in mind about the time left).THIS ALL WAS TOLD BY MY FRIENDS (THOSE WHO HAD SOLVED IT). I asked my chemistry sir. He told it is very good
He told it is better than gmp. As it is almost of the same level that is asked in exams. So overall I can conclude that content given is very good.

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Ohk fine.. Nice..

Is this for the mains or advanced review package which you told? @Vibhu_2020

My sir told for advance

Sorry bro. Haven’t taken this.

Ohh ok @Vibhu_2020 .. Any idea about the mains packages coz now mains is approaching right.. So wanted to know about it if u know.. : )

@Viraam_Rao No probs bro.. what have u planeed for rvsn btw?

Sorry brother no idea of mains.

Ok bro no probs.

Someone who knows about it pls review it here ..Thanks!

@Sourav_Madanpuri Aapke vichaar?

Never touched it bro :sweat_smile: that's why didn't comment till now.

But I had seen it and the quality is what you would expect from Fiitjee, really standard and slightly higher level. You can try it for a few chapters and see if it is helping you or not. Don't waste too much time in that if you syllabus is not complete. Someone who has solved it personally may give you a better idea.

I didn't even get it lol.
I'm in pinnacles tho so don't know if we are supposed to

Ok.. Then what did/do u prefer for revsion @Sourav_Madanpuri

@Chirag_Hegde Fine..

I will not follow any new revision package for mains. Will revise the books I have been following only.
For advanced, archive, gmp and rrb

@Viraj bro these review packages r very good especially the advanced package , all concepts r checked by these packages . if u have time u can do only the mains one , advance done later after mains .

Ok bro nice.
You have done them? @azimuddin_sheikh

Only mains one not advance fully

How did you get them?

You have completed the mains one?! All the 3 parts man .thats great @Azimuddin_Sheikh :+1:
Lol look at me you'll laugh .. I have hardly done 10 qns as of now from it

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