Here is my next 20-21 days action planner

In the first 16 days I'll be focusing completely on mains.

First 2 days:
Revision and 100% completion of extra topics(eg.-semiconductor,em waves) which aren't taught completely in coaching.

Next 11 days:
Revision of main chapters from class notes.Completing incomplete PYQs of some chapters.Attempting mypat concept tests (not mandatory for all topics, just for practice ).
This goes for all chapters except few in which I don't have clear basics.

By then most of the content would have been covered.

Next 3 days:
Covering those left out chapters (which would be mainly from chemistry).I know it's impossible to cover them in 3 days but I'll do as much I can.

I will also be attempting mock papers of Allen and mypat in the above period.

On 17th day I've decided to attempt a jee main paper.
If score>=200 start advance preparation or else completely cover those topics(last 3 days wale) and then again attempt a mock paper on 21st day.

@Shwetanshu_2018 I've a doubt that whether I should aim for doing ncert exemplar questions given that I have not done anything from there till now and also don't have much time in hand.
I do not mean solving each and every question but only the ones which look different as I have seen a lot of questions not common in other books.
Guys who have done it plz reply whether it's worth doing.

You can do ncert exampler for mains specific topics. (Helpful)

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What about rest of the chapters?Are the questions good?

For rest chapter you can try if you have time otherwise skip it.
In chemistry do it for all chapter.
in physics and math , do only mains specific chapter .

ok thanks a lot