Help me to decide which chapters are of use and which not

i am posting some index of some books pls help me in deciding that which chapters are of use from iit point of view pls mention the chapter no. which is of use from iit point of view in the following pictures i am posting the pictures of index of books

this is the first book

this is the second book

this is the third book

this is the fourth book

this is the 5th book

Pls reply

Bro I think you should just buy Cengage.

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Do you want to know that which all chapters from these book covers up complete jee syllabus or do you want to leave some chapter (maybe due to time) and wants to know only about the chapters from which jee mostly asks questions?

Ya i want to know the first thing that which of the chapters of these bools make the entire jee syballus

Which book is this ??
And why you want to stick to a single book .. solve the portion which is best given a book .
Like you may use arihant for algebra and Cengage for Calculus .

I guess these books are those small ones by arihant...classic text series for olympiads and others.

Yes you are right