Has anyone applied for IIIT-H UGEE 2018? How are you going to prepare for it?

Man i got 88..after waiting for 30 mins of loading i got 88😑

  1. I was so hopeful😭

Cleared it :grin: :grin::grin:

What about u guys? @svineet @Vivek_Pamnani


If u notice one thing, the 104 cutoff is the only a few marks above the lower limit for admission into iiit h via JEE main in terms of percentage(4 year courses)...

Even though the exam was quite easy, the amount of time for paper 1 was insane. Barely had any time to complete the paper. So I suppose the scores kind of match up.

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Yep. I got 112. How much did you score in Main @Praveen_2018?


Waaay below expectations. Lost about 50 marks due to unexpected mistakes. Getting about 215. 220 if challenge is accepted. Wbu?

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I got 97. :sob:
Does anyone know how many people will be shortlisted for the interview?

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Sadly I could not take the exam since they gave me a centre that was too far :frowning:

congratulations to you guys though!


Congrats @Praveen_2018 @Vivek_Pamnani!! Hope you make round 2 boys!!


Thanks bro!!!

Hoping for the best :crossed_fingers:


Same situation, got 221. :sweat_smile:
Thanks @Amay_2018. :blush:


@Vivek_Pamnani when is ur interview? Mine in on 7th June..

5th June.

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Could you please tell me in brief what is the preference order of programmes you have applied for and why? 7th is the last date to update that.


I wanna get into robotics, so put this way.

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how did you get the call for the interview?

Check ur login page.

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I am getting :

  1. H
  2. E
  3. G
  4. F
  5. D
  6. C
  7. B
  8. A

( PS: here are the conversions i figured out based on common words in the given sentences. Ñeok/ñeñok : speaking,
Pi: negation, Cikpan/cickpan: working,
wisilo: calf, wipsilo: calves )

Did you got selected after the interview?