Guidance needed for Organic Chemistry


So I have been studying organic chemistry with the help of NJ sir's video lectures (the most recent ones) and am in the chapter named "SNAE, Aldol Condensation and Other Name reactions".
I just happened to open Sachin Rana's Unacademy video on decarboxylation of carboxylic acids (I had already done this topic but wanted to revise) and what I saw was that NJ sir didn't give any good illustrations like those that were given in Sachin Rana's videos.

NJ sir's usual illustrations are more of drawing structures and arrow pushing than actually using multiple concepts together.

So I wanted some advice on what to do regarding organic chemistry. Should I continue with NJ sir's videos or do something else?

The materials that I have are LG Wade, Solomans (MS Chouhan Adapted), Himanshu Pandey and Resonance DLP. LG Wade is quite wonderful as it explains the concepts really well but it doesn't cover all the reactions mentioned in the syllabus. The DLP is worse as it doesn't have any good theory. I haven't used Solomans quite that much as it ends up taking a lot of time studying theory from lectures and LG Wade.


As I have gone through all major chapters of organic chemistry by Reso DLP and I can say it is not sufficient in term of questions also. And video lectures from Sachin Rana sir is great and even length of each lectures is short also . For theory I have encountered a book called Sn Sanyal last week and in term of theory this book giving me feel of hcv.

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It's good if you can go through both the books, for problem solving but if you go through the video lectures it may help you a lot. If you don't find these lectures useful then you can take etoos video lectures. They have complete course syllabus with detailed explanation