Got 95.01 percentile in JEE Main Jan attempt. Low score due to maths. How to improve score in April attempt?

I scored 95.01 in jan attempt.
I didn’t revise maths properly which was my mistake and also performed poorly in exam.
So iam planning to mostly concentrate on maths next two months .
But I also want to study for advanced simultaneously for which I don’t have proper idea how to study parallel each (for both mains and advanced )
@Shwetanshu_2018 bhai give suggestion on the above ?

Me too i was able to study only calculus chapters how to cover up syllabus in these two months how to do ? Chem i can manage,physics i need suggestion i have full 12th syllabus left i have covered 60% electrostatics and little 11th mechanics of 11th is over ? Please help

You have full 12 th left in physics which is huge but you have to put lot of time to cover this ...
But for mains cover part 2 book of both class 11 and 12 ncerts and do sums from cengage or D c pandey...(This will give 40 percent score in physics)


If you think that your maths need to be worked upon , then surely devote more time to it , but make sure that you don’t ignore physics and chemistry as well .

Parallel to what ? Jee mains ?
See , it’s pretty difficult to explain that , preparation for jee mains and jee advanced aren’t different , all you do is , start from scratch and work it up , then to an extent tye difficulty level matches upto jee mains , and further on , it becomes syllabus of advanced , there isn’t anything like , ‘I’m preparing for advanced and hence i scored less in mains’
For sure there are few topics that are in mains but aren’t in advanced , and those topics can be done in a week or two , so you need not worry about them as of now .

Simply for now , take a chapter and excel in it to an extent that if a question in adv comes from that chapter , then you’ll be able to solve it , and automatically when you have reached that level , then a question of jee mains from same topic will be easily solvable for you


So simply , think as if you are preparing each chapter to an extent that you’ll be able to solve a question of it in adv , and automatically you’ll be prepared for jee mains as well .

We can roughly say that jee mains is a subset of advanced (expect few chapters are there in mains exclusively ) .


For this , you need to sit down once , and make a rough estimate, as to by what date you have to complete a chapter and so on , ( make weekly goal ) and make sure to make realistic goals .
Just by making an estimate goal you’ll understand how much efforts you need to put in and this will motivate you to study, because now you’ll have a time bound.

As far as i have noticed , you are solving cengage for physics , so just focus on completing the intext solved example + concept applications + end chapter examples.
Completing these will be more than sufficient. And you have enough time(counting from now ) to complete all your backlogs , so push your limits a little further, come out of your comfort zone , and try to perform the best that you can .

In the end of these preparation years , you need not perform better than others , rather you should just have a satisfactory belief that , i did pretty much everything that i could , i didn’t hamper my result due to my laziness, rather this was the best that i could have performed .


A bit off topic.
Is Physics Galaxy recommended for Advanced like its theory and advanced Illustration or I focus more on solving questions as I am below average in physics

Personally i found physics galaxy’s illustrations very helpful , ashish arora sir explain questions in a manner that even your theory gets clear , I highly recommend those to anyone who feels that they are average in physics

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Thank you bhaiya

I have approximately scored 85 percentile in physics with still some big syllabus left scored 68 percentile in chemistry but due to maths my percentile came low i scored only 30 percentile in maths

@Bhuvanitha_2020 as I have observed you are good with your problem solving skills, which means you have good practice in math.
As @Shwetanshu_2018 bhaiya said there isn't anything different in mains and advanced (for mathematics), other than some chapters which can be prepared easily.
So firstly take those chapters which directly strike your mind when you think of weak chapters in mathematics. Solve them from your coaching module or the book you've been following. Then move to other chapters.

A point to note is that every chapter has its own number of questions for its mastery. So when you feel you are getting more confident with a chapter, only then move to the other. By following this method, sometimes you don't need revision.

One last thing I would like to say is to make a separate book for some important questions which you feel are noteworthy, so that you can revise this book at the time of examination.

All the best, for April attempt.


Very well structured post @Samarth_2020 :+1:t2:


Thanks @Samarth_2020 and @Shwetanshu_2018 bhai .......yes there aren’t different probably I just got too tensed with my low score :sweat_smile:

Atb for you too Samarth