For revision, should i cover mathematical reasoning, statistics, mathematical induction as well?

I am a dropper of fiitjee i have covered calculus and coordinate geometry in maths should i study liitle more chapters or just revise these two branch of mathematics.I am more concerned about april mains or should i cover mathematical reasoning,statistics,mathematical induction chapter too

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You can try covering few chapters of algebra like quadratic equations , progression and series , matrices, determinants before jan mains


In my opinion, you can gear up for Jan attempt itself. Because in April attempt there will be more number of students who want to score good and better than their Jan attempt. For the same marks, percentile in Jan attempt is more than that in April attempt. And you know what happens in the percentile chaos..


This might help you

Yeah @Samarth_2020 is correct. Try to score as as much as you can in jan attempt because it doesnot how much you score in april attempt NTA will mess up with percentile very badly . I have a very bad Personal experience about this


The topics you have listed (Mathematical reasoning, statistics, induction) are extremely easy, and are more or less not useful for JEE. A very low number of questions are asked from these chapters. If you are lucky, you might get one question from mathematical reasoning. So i suggest that you go ahead and cover these chapters ASAP and get them done within 2-3 days.

you should definitely cover up topics like Permutation and combination,Probability,matrices ans series as questions from these topics are asked repeatedly.
All the best

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Hi there,
Chapters like Mathematical Reasoning,Statistics and Probability are boon to you.. they are "Low input High output" Chapters... You can finish these chapters faster.. (typically 2-3 days) and they'll fetch you 12-16 marks.. i.e., 3 or 4 questions are asked from these chapters..
Other must cover chapters are:
1.Sequence and series: In Jan 2020 Mains each shift had at least 2 questions of this chapters
2. Binomial theorem
3. Matrices and Determinants
4. Permutations and combinations
You can get at least 35-45 marks from these chapters..
You should also cover conic sections, Vectors and 3D. Which will boost up your rank like anything
ATB for april attempt :slight_smile:


Thank you