Find the total resistance each resistor is 1ohm

Between which points is net resistance to be found?

of full total resistance no point given plss upload the pic of solution

u cant calculate the eff resistance about any point ...there would be different ans for diff points



Use connection removal method

14/3 but b/w two end using mirror symmtry

As this is problem based on symmetrical arrangement of the resistors. The resistor which is working as a bridge between the two triangular shapes is having same environment(i.e. symmetrical voltage and current points on it) hence this can be divided into two parts having 1/2 ohm resistance. After that this problem remains only of some combinations of series and parallel connected resistors, which can be easily solved by basic formulas. Final answer is 8/7 ohm.

sir i think their no current from where you have taken symmatric point sirbecause of mirror symmtry..

Since the question is neither mentioning any complete circuit and nor the points in between which we need to find the equivalent resistance. Hence taking it as a well known problem the equivalent resistance has been calculated between the two end points and the current has been assumed in any of the direction. The same mirror symmetry or voltage symmetry has been used.
You will better understand these symmeteris in higher engineering subjects in college.

ya right thanks..

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