During the last two week should I do previous jee main 2019 papers or mock test papers?


Initially I planned to do 2019 jee main papers in last two week and that’s why I was not doing jee main 2019 questions chapterwise as I was saving them for last, but now as the pattern of the paper is changed(now numberical also) will it be advisable to do jee main 2019 papers in timed environment or mock teststests in the last two week?


See I guess neither of them. About 7-8 days before the exam you should do your last JEE Main paper. After that you should evaluate your mistakes ... Take time for revision and solve some questions which you didn't get earlier. This will help you eradicate the last minute anxiety about paper solving. What happens is if you don't score well just before exam, you tend to lose confidence and if you score good then you may become overconfident. See, I am not telling this happens with everyone... But many students experience this. Moreover, it is better to revise a few chapters or maybe just get hold of those co-ordinate formulas or those organic reactions just before JEE.

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Doing previous year jee papers are must. You should definitely solve them before facing jee as well as doing timed tests are also very important. As they will make you familiar with the testing environment. You cannot skip either of this. So during last two weeks you should give time to both.


hi hritik
1.The last 2 weeks should be devoted solely to revision as you know you have a huge syllabus to revise.You should primarily focus on revisiting your strong topics and then your weaker once(it is most disheartening during exams that u are not able to solves questions of your stronger topics just bcoz u forgot some formula.)

2.I would not advice to do full papers either mock or prev years unless you want to experience the new pattern and u are very confident in your preparation. As it might so happen that you might get under confident that you get lower score than your expectation in mock due to some reason.i might make you distracted and you might not be able to focus on your strengths..

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Both mock test and previous year papers are equally important. On one hand, Solving previous year paper will boost your confidence and on other hand Solving mock test will enhance your experience in time management and will train your mind for brainstorming 3 hrs session.