Doubts in differential equation

Please help with 30.Answer is 4.

Please share multiple approaches to this question.

Help @Hari_Shankar sir @Samarth_2020 @Sneha_2021 @Shwetanshu_2018 sir @Tanmay_1 sir

quite easy problem
take log both side ........(1)
now substitute y from first eqn
will get d as ans...

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Thanks a lot. WAS complicating it a lot by myself

Also Can we do this question by taking everything in terms of e. Rather than ln()

then how you will find value of y if you will dont take log i was thinking 2nd mthd by comparing coefficient by converting lhs in term of e

You can do it quite trivially by finding the derivative of y


Do you think its of jee main 2019 as it is mentioned in his book but i have arihant 41 years paper where all questions of every shift are there i couldn't find this question