Doubts in Aromatic hydrocarbon


Please help with 3.Answer is C


Ph-O(-) has more electron density than any other compound so it will attract electrophile.


Can't we think about this discussion like RS- IS A better nuclrophile than RO-. due to polarisability of S.
SO PHS- Better nucelphile


You are right RS(-) is more nucleophilic than
But here he is asking electrophilic substitution
So RO(-) has greater tendency to accept electrophile.


Actually I am confused here wont a better nucleophile accept electrophile More easily.
Please explain


See nucleophile donates electron if it donate electron it will be nucleophilic substitution reaction then it will not be a electrophilic substitution reaction .
Still any doubt you can ask.

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I think you are confused between a strong nucleophile is a better donar not acceptor.
If it donate the reaction will be nucleophilic .
Now I think it clear to you

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Thanks a lot sir.
I got it