Doubts from ionic equilibrium

Give answer in integer
Also what you are getting [HCO^-_3]

What is the answer?

Answer is 9


0.001 mole

Answer is 1 mole

I think it should be 1 millimole

Oh yah that S correct
Can you tell me the last step

Have you got ksp?


Ya after that I took ag+ concentration 0.1 and using ksp we get cl- conc and since cl- is LR we get moles of agcl dissolved

You mean [Cl^-]×10^6L=0.001moles


Thanks for that now did you solve my first question above

Not getting integer

What are you getting
After round off.

What are you getting
After round off.
I think round off will help you

No bro after that also not getting