Doubts from E1 and E2 elimination

I have doubt about option 1 and 2 and why ans is only A as both are equal favourable( precisely step 2 is my doubt)


Is E1 and E2 in syllabus of 11th class or 12th class organic chapter

It’s aldol condensation.
In second step it follow(e1CB mechanisim )where beta hydrogen is abstracted by base (which is acidic)and poor leaving grp leave.

Here the acidic hydrogen is the one near ch3 as carbanion formed is stabilised by -I of keto grp.

The it forms double bond and oh leaves(poor leaving grp).If you find anything wrong pls do inform me....

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Always in aldol condensation product forms such that the double bond will be in conjunction with keto grp(in final product)

Alkyl and Aryl halides-12 th class org chapter.(Ncert)

*beta hydrogen of leaving group.

@abhijit_2020 Yes, surely it is !
Elimination reactions forms the backbone for many other chemical reactions , and hence these are very important

See in aldol condensation reaction pie will be in conjugation will c=o learn it. It will help in find aldol products