Doubt regarding qualification for JEE Mains

I've got approx. 97 percentile in JEE Mains Jan attempt.
My focus is on Advanced. I'm skeptical about attempting the upcoming JEE Mains exam because of transportation and other issues.

Will it affect my qualification for JEE Advanced?

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No not at all. You are qualified for JEE Advanced

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I was a bit overthinking about this issue, so asked.

People over 90 percentile should be qualified for advanced

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This time number of candidates writing the exam will be less so they can score more percentile. Can this make the cutoff higher than last year (i.e approx. 89 percentile)?

they take what 1.2 lakh? from general? .. if that is the case then this time it will be 1.3 lakh of 9 lakh people that is approx 88 percentile i guess?

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Point is, at 97 percentile, the last thing you should be worried about is whether you are going to qualify for advanced.

I got that cleared. Thank you!

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It'll actually be the opposite..There will be less people and more competition so you'll get lower percentile but rank will still be out of 9.5 lakh candidates or whatever.I hope NTA does something to deal with this.

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Agree with you on that. No offense, but 'hope' and 'NTA' can't be put together😅. They're ruining hopes since last year.


He has already gotten a percentile. And whatever percentile someone gets in the upcoming one, it will be out of 7.5 lakh students, since that's the number given on the JEE mains website, right?

Yes but the final rank will be out of 9.5 lakh unique candidates so basically it was easier to score a better percentile in January since now the students who've taken admissions and the ones who know they're not gonna perform well probably won't give the exam

9 lakh + i am guessing around 10 lakh

general category cut off will probably around 90 percentile though