Doubt regarding filling of online application form for JEE MAIN 2020


Regarding the photograph of candidate that's needs to be uploaded. Do I need to upload a new
Photograph or I can upload an year old photo which I used in Jee Main 2019?
Please reply.


No you can only upload a photograph up to 6 months old only.

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Is it mentioned in the information brochure?


My Name In my Boards hallticket is given as : Kar Soumyadeep Subrata

shall i enter as it is or put my first name first and surname last?


I guess no. It's not that strict. Even I uploaded the same photograph in the drop year too. @aditya_2020
Still it is good to upload latest photograph


R u asking for name on photograph ??

Nta is not much strict last year even people upload photo without names ?
But u should upload new one to be on safer side ..
As same photo is continued in adv and in admsn


No I was asking for candidate name
Do I put same as given in 12th boards result or Aadhar format


IMO your name should be same everywhere ,
Put your name same as on board result and apply for correction of name on adhar card ..
Cuz at counselling time your name is matched in every document .