Doubt on integration


Actually, I still didn't move forward to any other step by this way please try to provide few more steps so that things become more clear.



In the first step itself, 1 + sinx is shown as cosxsin(0) + sinxcos(0). The thing is sin(0)=0 not 1. So I am afraid that is wrong.


I think you have done the mistake in the starting of the question.please check once more.
Hope you will understand.


sir i think the answer of question must be a inequality taking sinx=-1,1 because nt getting any proper method thinking from last days but didnt getting any idea yet trying till now also but approximation can be done the answer must lie b/w two bound..

@Hari_Shankar , @Jagdish_Singh sir need your guidance here please..


Thanks a lot,
Actually, what you are saying may be correct but I didn't think anything about I can't clearly comment on this,but I will also think about this.


@Akash_2 did you got the answer from this method as integral calculator is having an answer but it is somewhat very complex, i am also waiting for its solution over here


Actually bro,I still didn't have any answer for this question, I am also curious for the answer of this question. It was just asked by my one of the friend in the college but he also does not know the answer till now. So I posted this over here in a hope of getting a solution, which is somewhat new.
I hope you will understand.


@Akash_2 sir i think got an approch to solve such finction by going. complex analysis
you may right sin2x to same form now it looks easy to solve it sir... please try if it is good approch i dnt have pen paper just thinking the concept in my mind.thanks sir


I tried by your but couldn't reach to the solution @Sneha_2021


ohkk please apologise me i also didnt get it @Akash_2 sir ...

@Jagdish_Singh sir and @Hari_Shankar sir please guide us in this question...thankuu


@Akash_2 @Sneha_2021

I don't think this is an integrable form upto the JEE syllabus.
We can solve it using complex integrals or some high level stuff I think.

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Ya,now I also thought the same,as I have tried this by all method that I know till now,but couldn't reach to the solution.