Doubt on integration




Please provide the complete solution


very easy way is make the denominator as (sinx+cosx)^2


add and subtract cosx in numerator
then very easy.. @Akash_2 sir


I still don't understand, could you please write the expansion what you are saying?


ignore post 3 i have done little mistake just thinking in my mind sorry @akash_2 sir...

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No problem dear, but still good efforts.


Just write sin2x as 2sinxcosx then convert all sinx and cosx into a tan (x/2). Then assume tan(x/2)=u and differentiate it to get dx in terms of du. Convert all sec^2(x/2) into tan^2(x/2) by identity. Now you will get some polynomial/polynomial which can be solved by separating it easily...


will not easy to tackle by ur method i have done that forming a cubic equation typical to solve...u may post solution if you did it thanks sir @Abhishek_2020_3..



I think changing all term to half angle will do something it can be turn into x⁴ equation


Same equation will come out if we put cosx=t in intial stage


I also tried by this method but could not reached to any Solution. If you can then please post the solution .


Sir,please provide the whole solution as the polynomial formed in this is also not integrable by me.


Okk sir, I am waiting for your solution.


Sir can you please provide the answer of this question and also the source of question because I don't think it is an integrable function (within jee syllabus) according to me.

Still I think there should be a term of (ln(1+tan(x/2)))/8 in the answer...

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Bro,I also don't have answer of this question this question was asked to me from one of my friend and it seems to be a good question so I post this solution here,but if I will get the answer of this question then I will definitely mention the answer.
Thanks for your efforts.


It's solution is way too big

#21 you can get it from here.


If you are unable to give the full solution, then please try to give the solution until we reach to the simpler form.


Try solving in this form