Doubt on Centre of mass

Example 1 :

Example 2:

This is for example 1 15730423620737678730568409875828

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This is for example 215730429662198474776542982937604

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Plz confirm

for eg. 1 ans given is option A

Example 1


Bhaiya, plz spot my mistake. I know that it is actually 3i+3j, not 3i+5j for the lower segment. And I've taken point A at the topmost point of the vertical segment as given in question...plz help

Have you taken point A to be 0,0 and -y as +j ?!

I've assumed the xy plane downwards

@Samarth_2020 i think , what you have calculated is correct !
Because in question the are asking w.r.t point A and what i have calculated is from bottom point and i got 33/7 from below i.e it should be 23/7 from A

That's what got me puzzled. Moreover she says that option a is right

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