Doubt in IUPAC naming

Please explain all four options.
Answer is D

See in options A numbering is wrong numbering will start from pie bond
In option B,C problem in choosing parent chain.


In option A why don't we start the numbering from from OH group at ortho of SH as it has more priority over doublebond? and also

Which compound has higher priority in numbering OH or SH?

Also in option D why are we giving lower number to CH3COO- at meta? because the order of preference which I have does not consist of group CH3COO- group



I think 3 one is acid anhydride form.
And comes before Ester group.

But sir won't anhydride require 2 C=O linkages?

Actually I am not getting option D It’s little bit confusing.if you observe both group are ester.

For option D, see if the matter in the link helpful.

Sir i think will start from the position on which you have have started but it will go to second OH group means in downward direction not in upward direction

I think you are talking about question 1,can you tell me the reason.

Sir, as in iupac we give preference to oh group over double bond that's why it can be so

See we prefer lowest numbering. If we go down numbering will be as( 1,3,6)
Or if go up (1,2,5)