Doubt in integration


Question is incomplete @akash_2020 kindly post complete question it may be paragraph

It is complete question only the integration part is the question

Where is diffrencial equation(mentioned in problm) actully the way to integration is loking rationalization but not getting propr idea

That differential question is not the part of integration qns

It may give idea i dont think integration is loking in easier site(hint may be in diffrencial eqn) if possible please post complete if no problm in posting , source of problem??

Qns 41

Oops both r diffrnt they r looking same will post solution soon


9? May be @Jagdish_Singh sir , @Hari_Shankar sir please share ur approach the question is loking like estimation of Integral

@akash_2020 do u have solution

i got this from my friends , but there is a problem when putting 0

I don't have answer

Bro you did a mistake in differentiation

I don't think feynman method will be useful here

Source of problm?? Will u get ans i m mostly sure according to me question is bonus

As B is the parameter so derivative of x^b will be x^b lnx

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Is the answer 16

Is answer 9 ?

Split the term as integral of 1-√(1+x^4022)/2x^2011 + 1/2 and then apply concept of odd function.

How??? Limits are not \text{-a to a}
Max value of integral can be 9 i think cant exceed

@Tushar_2019 sir i have one doubt