Doubt in Grinard Reagents

Explain question 3

Grinard is also got consumed due -OH and -SH
Therefore, 6mole in reaction 1 and 3mole in reaction 2

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Hope it's all clear

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@Amritaansh_2020 You have marked both post#2 and post#3 as solution but number of moles obtained in post is different although answer is same.
Can you pls clarify it..

Well I will go with akash, his no. of moles are correct.

The hydrogen of Sh and Oh will also will be taken as they are acidic, yes akash is correct, sir has done mistake

I have doubt here

how this takes place

Cl is a good leaving group Ch3 minus will attack on it

Are you sure?
I have never seen grinard reaction reacts with alkyl halide

Yes i am sure . Here Ch3 acts as nucleophile attacks and displaces Cl

Yeah I got it.
Due to not revising organic chemistry from a month my concept has become little weak.
Now I am going to make a quick revision.

Yes @akash_2020 was correct but I didnt want to nullify someone effort😅