Doubt in goc

Why in question 12 is N methoxy N methyl group considered a good leaving group .

It is weak leaving group .
But since condition is acidic and in acidic condition is necessary for poor leaving group.
If you visit mechanism you will get it.


Initially medium is basic due to CH_3MgBr
Because we know that CH_3MgBr
Will not exist if there is protons H^+ present


Yeah sorry
Ignore post#2

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Bro where do you study organic chem from you seem to be really good at it?

Bro I am weak in chemistry(organic,inorganic,physical)
I am just trying to tell you my thoughts and concepts so that I can learn something from you guys too.

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But I meant to say from where did you got to know about this reaction name , I have never encountered it during my jee preparation.

My teacher told this as it is a very popular way to make ketones

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