Doubt in General Organic Chemistry


How to compare their boiling points?

Also give explanation why?


Boiling point is directly proportional to molecular mass of compound so first has high boiling point

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How can you say this because these two have approximately same molecular mass so,is it better to compare the boiling point of these two by molecular mass?


Ok sir... But by this method I am stuck at the next question


i think bioling point directly proportional to intermolecular force
2-surface are of the molecule
3-molecular mass
now you can compare easily for indepth concept @Shaquib sir will help thanks sir..

#6 some good concepts are their sir..

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Boiling point of any organic compound depend upon
1)strength hydrogen bonding , Vander waal forces
2)increase in carbon atom
3) decrease with increase in branching.
I think in question 1 hydrogen bonding is playing important role.
And in second branching is playing important role.