Doubt in complex numbers

Can you please help me with questions 11,12?

12- a option???

Plz ignore this

What is the answer for 11th

Iam getting b) for 11th..

It follows a pattern (-1+-1+8) for every three consecutive terms.
So we get sum till 99 th term as(6*33)=198.
The last term is -1 so ans is 197 ..
If anything wrong pls correct me.


The answer is b for 11 th question ..Thank you for the help...can you please show the solution of question 12?

use traingle inequality
|a+b|=|a|+|b| according to equality hold condition...

Can anyone explain me ques 12

For 12th i think the question should be
| 2z1 + 3z2 + 2z3 | instead of 12z1
If it is so , then I’m getting option D i.e 1

@Ahana_2020 is the answer 7 as said by @Sneha_2021 ??

@Sneha_2021 don’t you think , that for the required value to be 7 , the argument of all the 3 numbers would have to be same , and then that would violate the condition given in the question

Sir answer is D option ,i have also that book