Doubt in Circles

Question 17 and 18.

This one too.

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18- ans a??? only checked parametric coordinate @aditya_2020

Please post detailed solution...


For 2.25, you can simply use the fact that the normal (that is the angle bisector) between the reflected and the incident rays passes through the centre of the will get 2 equation (1 for each pair of incident and reflected ray)..find the intresection and that will be the center of the circle. Will post the solution later..
Radius can be found by using the fact that the incident and reflected ray have common intersection point on circle..can find the coordinate and apply distance formula between center and that point..

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why to find angle bisector

it can be done u know point of intersection nd
draw perpendicular to line which will pass through centre @pushkar_2020

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I did that however i did not get the answer... Maybe there's some mistake in the data... If you could post the complete solution I can then tally and find out my mistake...

@Hari_Shankar sir , @Jagdish_Singh sir what should be approach for 18 will it follow cycloid path