Doubt in Chemical Bonding

Is this statement true or false?

it is a true statement

In N2F4, the fluorine atoms occupy p orbitals according to bent rule. So more s character is available for the N-N bond which contributes to greater bond strength than that in N2H4. So N-N bond length is more strong in case of N2F4 than that in N2H4. And this furtherly contributes to more bond energy....


Answer is given false. I too think think answer should be true.
Source is from AITS Full Test 2 2014

Okay, I will look onto this in other references, you to try....

I think it is true because in bent's rule more electronegative elements has more p character.

Your explanation as well as answer seems correct , maybe there was some mistake in the answer key

the correct answer is false

That's not a statement, it is a question which is asked in that website.....:slightly_smiling_face: