Doubt in aromatic compound

Please help with 1 and 2.
In 1 they asked most stable how do we comoare between a and c.
In 2 I am confused between a and b

For 1 i think c should be more than a

For 2 A and B both are correct but B shows correct reason for solubility

A is the asnwer

Ok thanks

@Achyut_2020 A has no -I nor -M , but C has -I , so A should be more stable

But sir R>I at meta , it will dominate so overall plus R ,

How would R effect be shown at the meta position?

No2 is meta directing, it increases density at meta position ,

No2 is actually meta ** allowing ** , i.e density at meta is never affected my any group (+R/-R) it never increases or decreases density at meta , so only effect here is -I

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Oh sorry :no :man_facepalming:, thanks sir

Thanks a lot @Shwetanshu_2018. Got it