Doubt from VSEPR theory

20191107_163330 can body explain why it is written so

It is stated that VSPER theory can only give geometry of only some simple molecules because It can predict the shape Of only the compounds that have a central atom and that to if the central atom is not a metal.
Also the idealized bond angles do not always match the measured values. For example, VSEPR predicts that and all will have the same bond angles, but structural studies have shown the in many cases it isn’t true.

So, basically VSEPR is simple and useful but does not work for all chemical species.

And it is stated that it doesn’t explain them because * The VSEPR model does not explain or attempt to explain any observations or predictions. Rather, it is an algorithm that accurately predicts the structures of a large number of compounds.

Then it is written that it has limited applications because, i have mentioned above it can be used only for some specific type of molecules and it sometimes fails to give accurate result , also there are few more limitations of it

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Thankyou so much for explaining these lines in so much detail

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