Doubt from trigonometry

15736483537925816103807758188840 i doubt the given answer to be wrong. Can anyone plz check. ..

That's correct bro.

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It’s correct !
To find it’s range you can write it as y= 3- 8/3-t²
Now you’ll get the desired range

This is my rough work, plz check where I'm wrong15736584739212255039423411170890 And


Your method as well as calculation is correct , even answer will come out to be same

Acc to case 1 take intersection of y<1/3 and y<3
Which is y<1/3

Acc to case 2 take intersection of y>1/3 and y>3
Which is y>3

And hence solution is union of case 1 and case 2
Which is y>3 or y<1/3

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Ohh... I was blank after I made the cases and I stopped there :sweat:. Btw thank you bro....

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You’re welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: