Doubt from trignometry

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For (4)

We have Given \displaystyle \sum^{10}_{i=1}\sin^2(x_{i})=1


\displaystyle \cos(x_{i})=\sqrt{1-\sin^2(x_{i})}=\sqrt{\sin^2(x_{2})+\sin^2(x_{3})+\cdots+\sin^2(x_{10})}

By power mean Inequality

\displaystyle \sqrt{\frac{\sin^2(x_{2})+\sin^2(x_{3})+\cdots+\sin^2(x_{10})}{9}}\geq \bigg(\frac{\sin(x_{2})+\sin(x_{3})+\cdots+\sin(x_{10})}{9}\bigg).

\Longrightarrow \displaystyle \cos(x_{i})=\sqrt{\sin^2(x_{2})+\sin^2(x_{3})+\cdots+\sin^2(x_{10})}=\frac{\sin(x_{2})+\sin(x_{3})+\cdots+\sin(x_{10})}{3}.

Now do the same cyclic way, We have

\displaystyle \Rightarrow \color{Brown}\sum^{10}_{i=1}\cos(x_{i})\geq \frac{9}{3}\sum^{10}_{i=1}\sin(x_{i})=3\sum^{10}_{i=1}\sin(x_{i}).


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