Doubt from thermodynamics

Question no 2 with reason

Is the answer b


Internal energy is some form of energy which is dependent on mass.
Boiling point of a substance is independent of amount of the substance taken.
pH is also intensive as it is the concentration of H+ and we know that concentration is an intensive property.
For EMF we find using Nernst using and see that Nernst equation depend on concentration or pressure which are also intensive properties.

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Question 4 and 5 how to do these

For fourth option u =ncvdt since ozone is triatomic so CV is highest. So ozone has highest internal energy... 5 I will tell u tomorrow. It late night already

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Question no 21 needed help solution of this book and answer key says option C is correct but ks verma states that both a and b is correct then who is correct?

Correct is c

How then you please provide how to derive the expression for this result ?

See do not consider the graph as a circle. Consider it as a ellipse. Now area of ellipse = Piab. And substitute the values


How one can write area of sphere as πr^2 ??
Obviously option C is correct as it is an ellipse.

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Good point even i didn't noticed this at first loint

Question no 35 ? How to do

Option c is correct

Apply ncvdt for AB and ncpdt for CA

But i am not able to comprehend what to put value of Cp and Cv

Read the question carefully.

Yeah got it

Question 3 and 4

Please help anyone

Question 6 second part about temperature direction of reaction ?