Doubt from thermal stability


Answer is same as acidic strength

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The acidic order is due to increase in bond length(decrease in bond energy) and same reason for thermal stability

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So acidity increases means O-H bond strength decreases so thermal stability should decrease
Please explain


Acidic strength order is coz of oxidation state of central atom


And thermal stability?


I guess we can explain thermodynamically. More number CO bonds..


Its just a way to remember acidic strenght. When you valculate bond order in Cl-OH bond, BO decreases as we ON increase. So s character in Cl-OH bond increase and thus s character in O-H bond decrease which makes them longer and weaker


Explain this.

I just gave that ON trend for remembering but it can also be explained in the following way. Consider the conjugate bases, more canonical forms. Therefore, most stable is HOClO3’s conjugate base.


What is acidic strength?
It is the tendency of an acid to disassociate into a proton and an anion,so it depends on the bond strength.
Likewise thermal stability also depends on the structure of the substance,which in turn is dependent on the bond between the atoms that hold the structure together.


Acidity of a compound is basically the stability compound after removal of H, HOClO3 has more no of resonance structures than rest of the compound.
Thermal stability of a compound depends upon the charge density. More the charge density more the thermal stability.