Doubt from Surface tension and capillary rise

question 4

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What answer are you getting?

I am sorry, when i posted I thought I was getting somewhere, but then I got lost😅

A try from my side. Is this a correct answer?

This is the answer no. 4


@Bhuvanitha_2020 please see this

I will try @Achyut_2020 if I get I surely send ...

A try from my side:
Only equated vertical forces(to equate horizontal we need force exerted by wall on liquid)

Assumed the shape is a arc of a circle(Because circular arcs are preferred for lower surface energy) .Ans is coming much complicated :sweat_smile:
@Sneha_2021 @Shwetanshu_2018 pls see this

@Pranay_2020 from which book is this q from?

It's from path finder,I tried it too,I approximated the volume but I obtained a slightly different result than the given answer,we could get a precise answer if we know the equation of the water surface

@Raunak_2020 is my method correct like the forces acting on the fluid column...
Yes if we find volume I think it will be easy but is my method right? Just want to clarify?

pls study it..if interested i can upload the source




Please tell the exact source

surface.pdf (764.2 KB) pls go through it


Pls read ...i have uploaded

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Sir one doubt I understood everything except the normal reaction from wall they calculated from integration ...pls xplain

Pls wait i am trying to corelate...pls