Doubt from straight lines

Illustration no 10 i think they have mistake in finding eqn of BC they have found wrong slope if we find coordinates of B and C i am getting them as (4,7) and (6,5) respectively.So slope should be ((5-7)/6-4) but they are giving other

I don't see any problem with either your's or book's solution. You too are getting -1 as slope as in the book. The only diffrence is you are finding eq. using points B,C and they have used points B,D.

Oh i didn't noticed

Question no 3 part 1 i am sending my working is my last result enough to show that my line is perpendicular to the line

Please tell anyone

You have to find a line perpendicular to the given line , and you have found a line parallel to the given line

When m came out to be -tanѲ then slope of a line perpendicular to it will be cotѲ

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Question no 4 i have found coordinates of centroid by 2:1 ratio property and if i am not mistaken if circumcentre lies on origin then triangle is right angled triangle please help after this in question 4

orthocentre lie at origin and circumcentre will lie
in mid point of hypotenuse... (right angle)

Oh then please help in question 4

(1,9) sorry i m too late i hvnt opened the site

No answer is (79/15,103/15) coordinates of A

r u sure i know 2 mthd i m getting same answer recheck the answer..

Answer given may be wrong show your two methods as you mentioned there are two methods for this question

  • one excercise for u find equation of circumcircle
    if u r intrested u can do it..

another method i may give hint coordinate geomatry approch
1- find centroid by h,g,o concept
2- take m(h,k) in line bc
slope om\bot bc line slope then easy..

Ya i remembered now our teacher had told it had wrong answer mentioned in November

Exercise 3 in iiird part i couldn't find coordinates i have found eqn of line answer is (7,5) and (1,-1)

It should be (-1,-1) .
(1,-1) doesn’t even satisfy the equation of line