Doubt from solid state

Question no 26 i guess option B should be correct but answer key says option C as answer why ?

FCC has packing efficiency of 74% so 26% free space whereas BCC has packing efficiency of 68% so 32% free space. Thus FCC has lowest free space of all

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Thank you for telling i noticed i have written wrong in my notes i had written empty space as 36% in Fcc instead of 26%

Question 36 i have a confusion as here we have to find out the type of crystal then how can i find edge length i cannot find edge with radius without knowing the type of crystal?

Question no 44 how to do i am not able to understand

FCC structure has 4 atoms in one unit cell
8g=0.1mol of X =0.1×N_A total atoms of X
Ans 0.025N_A

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For 36 find density for FCC, BCC, And SCC
And compare Their density to the given one the one that is close to data ,is the structure .

In question 114 i guess it should be frenkel defect,not metal excess defect


So answer key is wrong na ?

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