Doubt from Sn2 reaction

Question 1 and 2

2 - (a)

Question no 12, 22 and 23

Yes why

Please help @Shwetanshu_2018, @Sneha_2021

12- b

Why i thought option A but option B is correct please elaborate

see product is more stable then reactant

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Ok and what about 22 and 23

22-b option

Why what happens in crown ethers ? Answer is correct

As crown ether is polar aprotic solvent which favours SN2.

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For 23 is the answer D ?!

I think PhSNa will do Sn2 ( do correct me , id Iā€™m wrong )


Yes why

Question no 27 and 40


Yes why ?

carboanion stablity is directly proportional to all negative effect {-m,-h,-i......}


Thanks but mentioned wrong question no