Doubt from Sn1 reaction

Question 5 and 11 i have a doubt in 5th i know that 3degree c+ is more reactive than 2+ is more reactive than 1+ towards sn1 then why answer key says option D as answer

@Shwetanshu_2018 please help with it

5 ||

Ok but what about question 11th what is the concept behind it

For 11 is ans A

Because I is a good leaving group than others

Yes correct

In question no 31 why aromatic carbocation of first compound is less reactive than second compound carbocation

Question no 25 and 37 also please help @Shwetanshu_2018

Question no 3 also

Is ans option B @abhijit_2020 for 3

Yes please explain i am confused deciding order

Is no.37 a bro @abhijit_2020

Yes why

Because if u remove br then carbocation will develop which is in resonance that's why it is most stable and rate is directly proportional to stability that's why


Is answer C for

No answer is option E

Ok their was slight confusion so option e will be ans