Doubt from SHM

Pls give detailed explaination.

force comes out F=\frac{lambdakq}{R}

For which distribution you are saying(for uniform or non uniform) @Sneha_2021

i try to find force by rod to ring because both will exert same force to each other

Yes it is also same as integrating in rod ..then

getting a constant force for that..

But we need to prove it’s SHM so it should be proportional to displacement?

ya that'y i m doubting my solution..not getting function of x ya we will get i think convert \lambda interm of charge

Ok I will share my logic...initially the rod moves till it attains equilibrium (both sides L/2)(net force is zero on the rod)

Then I displaced by x to the left side and started find the force experienced by the rod(I got it is opposite of x)

But the integration is coming big....!!!!(I got it as proportional to some powers of x but not linear x)..

@Shwetanshu_2018 @Sneha_2021 @Tanmay_1 and everyone pls share your ideas on the same.

actully after integration also you will get same result i done it before u r doing correct

see first question

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