Doubt from semiconductor

Example 13
Doubt in Rb

What exactly is the issue? It seems like a simple KVL.

Well I have some difficulties in drawing circuit according to question and than applying kvl to it, so I remembered the general circuit and the kvl equation corresponding to that circuit

But there is no mention of v input in this question ( v input is not there) so, than how to do it
I am facing following difficulty in doing this problem

  1. drawing circuit according to problem

Dude!? The circuit in the question is entirely different. What you have drawn in a common emitter, question is common collector.

I think you need to work on Current Electricity. Go back to KVL, KCL concepts and get that cleared. These are extremely fundamental and are absolutely essential to be clear about even for CBSE, leave JEE.

Isn't it is written in question common emitter mode?

Clearly something is wrong then. Circuit and question doesnt seem to be consistent. You can ignore the solution, and find your own answer.