Doubt from rotational motion


Can anyone explain why I have not considered the torque of mg here

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Mg to be considerd in calculation because it generate clockwise Torque with respect the way pls upload the question in original form...

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You, have solved this incorrectly .
You made a mistake in taking direction, then, if you are calculating torque about the hinge then you shouldn't consider N2 reaction force, only F and mg will be considered.


Actually I used to watch NV sir lectures .. so sir in classroom had solved this ...I will upload the screen recording


Watch from 23:00
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Ok ...pls wait...



I don't think he considered the hinge force in calculating the torque about the hinge either.
It is just that he has not considered the torque due to the weight of the object itself.

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Bro, just listen the lecture carefully, the teacher has said : Consider a rod lying in the horizontal plane and is acted by a force F. So since the rod is lying in the horizontal plane, there is no rotation caused by the gravitational force acting on the rod, and so there can't be any torque due to this force.


Ook...sry for the inconvenience. Thank you so much

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