Doubt from Rotation

plz give detailed solution of 6th question

And this one as well...


It's better if you shared your approach.

Looks like balancing torque for the rod

For Q)13
It should lose contact at that point(normal=0)
Write force eq at that instant to find eq1)

Then it follows parabola path.For it to reach diametrically opposite point it should have that point in its trajectory.While solving that equations we get value of theta)

Then substitute in eq 1)to get ans.

If you have any doubts pls do ask

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When I checked soln they have given a shorter method by taking diameter as reference line.
In my soln I have taken vertical as ref line

Ty @Bhuvanitha_2020, can u plz upload the solution pdf. I had just got the question paper from somewhere....

Check out this thread

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