Doubt from resonance

Arrange in increasing order of resonance energy of following structures

Is the answer this 1 ,4 ,5,3,2

Answer i will get tomorrow

Answer is 1>2>3>4>5

@abhijit_2020 here , you just need to check that which of these will most easily donate electron pair

Sir cannot we see that uncharged structures are more stable than charged one

Sir you mean which of these will most easily involve in resonance? Sir as the answer says 5 has least energy so there will be more resonance (more stable)but sir please correct me if am wrong that more electronegative the atom is the more tightly held electrons with it so less involvement of electrons in resonance so according to me it is least stable which means highest resonance energy

Question no 28

Negative charge wala ?


@abhijit_2020 yes , option A because 4n pie electrons lead to anti aromaticity

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Sir please what i said in post 7 is it wrong @Shwetanshu_2018 sir?

@Achyut_2020 I’m really sorry , I didn’t notice your post

According to answer , 5 has least resonance energy , not least energy. I think you got confused .
When a molecule has more resonance energy then it means it’s overall energy is low , as that resonance energy decrease the energy , increases the stability

And hence , 5 has least resonance energy because it will be least stabilised , as O is most electro negative and hence it will not share it’s lone pair easily

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