Doubt from reaction mechanism

@Bhuvanitha_2020 , @Shwetanshu_2018 bro

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I will try :sweat_smile: if I get I send

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Source of question?

I am getting 9 ..option (E)

@pushkar_2020 dont know source but loking olympaid problem

@Achyut_2020 noo

@Achyut_2020 Can you show your working

Now i am getting 10 i dont know what to do for last step

@Sneha_2021 what is the answer?

@Achyut_2020 in the first step ring expansion will take place as it is E1

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I don't think as it is already stable . @Ajay_2020_1 can you send diagram please

@Achyut_2020 ans is 27
And first step will be formation of 6 member ring

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@Shaquib sir , @Azimuddin_2019 sir please give it a look..

I think this what happens