Doubt from probability

Please tell me it's ans......I want to confirm my ans..

For first i am getting 7!×6!/11! which is equal to 1/11.

Is it 1/120?

Actually I didn't had I wanted to confirm mine....

I m getting 7!/11! As answer see this is my approach
For total 11!/ 2!2!2!
For required 7!/2!2!2! By taking HEICS as complete one word without internal arrangement.

But the rest 6 letters containing 2 A's, 2M's and 2 T's can be reaarranged in 6! ways.

I am getting 1/120 as total no of arrangements:11!/2!2!2!
Arrangements where HEICS is in given order : 11c516!/2!2!2!
Divide the two to get 1/5! == 1/120

Posted here by mistake...

Bro lets take a example there are 11 students inclass and you have to choose any 5 students then we will take 11C5 but since here you know that which student you have to choose
Also another example you must have seen the problems in which there is word given GAME and then a particular condition is applied begin with E then now here we just get 3! Ways not 4C1.3! Ways @Saumay_2019 if wrong please do tell me

You can choose 5 out of 11 places to arrange H E I C S using 11c5, then you can arrange HEICS in these 5 places in only one way to preserve the order , and the remaining 6 letters you can arrange using 6!/2!2!2!.This gives you the no of arrangements question asks for. Divide by total arrangements to get the probability


No i think its wrong

It's 1/120 probably