Doubt from ppi dpi bonding

Anyone please tell how to tell how many p pi -d pi bonds are there . Like there is a question
Q. Which of the following has p pi-d pi bonding?
B. SO3-
C. BO3-
D. CO3-
And also how to see d pi- d pi bonds?


Is it B

Only Sulphur has d orbital in above options

Yes its B , but can you tell me how to calculate as i have seen ques asking like how many p pi d pi bonds are there

Send any questions
It depends on questions

When p orbital of one atom and d orbital of another overlap as any pi orbital overlaps ( not along axis rather perpendicularly) then bond thus formed is ppi-dpi bond

Like ppi-ppi ppi-dpi
In SO2 1 1
In SO3 1 2
But how to calculate these

Similarly try for SO3 for practise.

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