Doubt from polynomial

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24 and -3

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Let A=p^2 q+q^2r+r^2p and B=pq^2+qr^2+rp^2

We have \displaystyle A+B= \sum_{cyc} pq(p+q)= \sum_{cyc} pq(p+q+r-r)= \sum_{cyc} pq(6-r)

\displaystyle=6 \sum_{cyc} pq-3 pqr=21

\displaystyle A-B = \sum_{cyc} pq(p-q) = -(p-q)(q-r)(r-p)

\Rightarrow (A-B)^2=(p-q)^2(q-r)^2(r-p)^2 which is the discriminant of the given cubic which comes out to be 729. Hence A-B = \pm 27

Accordingly A=24 or A=-3


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